Pilar Guzmán on the Making of Condé Nast Traveler’s New Logo – Condé Nast Traveler

The new Conde Nast Traveler logo and masthead

Via Condé Nast Traveler

In a way befitting a magazine — and company — secure in its identity, Conde Nast Traveler has revealed a new logo that seems immediately classic.

Indeed, that seems to have been the intent. From the Editor in Chief Pilar Guzman:

“A good logo must feel as though it’s been around forever at the very moment of its debut (thus, one hopes, simultaneously guaranteeing its longevity).”

The new design achieves this delicate balance and, in the words of designer Matt Willey, it is “…capable of being sympathetic to the image that sits underneath it…” rather than drawing attention from it or, conversely, disappearing entirely.

For more about the thought behind the logo and more about the Traveler mission, read the rest of Ms. Guzman’s eloquent post here.


LOGO, IDENTITY + CULTURE | Tusk Conservation Awards

Tusk Conservation Awards New Logo

New logo

Via Brand New

The new logo and identity for Tusk Conservation Awards was developed as a pro-bono project by The Partners. The result is a wonderful integration of design and culture. The bold, graphic wordmark celebrates the focus of the non-profit Tusk organization, which is supporting community development and environmental education throughout Africa.

I love the way the mark is a repeatable graphic, forming a pattern that is distinctly African in feel. It’s a sensitive, thoughtful and fun design that honors the work and mission of the client it represents.

Good design at its best.


The wordmark as pattern

The Awards program

Sponsoring brand, Land Rover, gets the graphic treatment

Awards presenter Prince William

Hand-made bracelets with new design crafted in Kenya

MoMA Exhibit Design: Frank Lloyd Wright And The City

Title wall at MoMA Frank Lloyd Wright Exibit

Via MoMA.

The in-house design team at MoMA does some great work. I try to check out their site every so often to see what they are up to.

In the midst of doing some research for an upcoming project, I came across this colorful and contemporary gem.

I love the bright yellow and the perfect orange-y red graphic; and it’s wonderfully anchored by the strong grey color — the whole design pops off the wall.

I must say: I love design…I love museums. Put them together and I can hardly contain myself!


MoMA - color contrasts

MoMA - Creative text

Detail of wall graphic

GRAPHICS + FUNCTION | Bill’s Fried Chicken Menu-Fan

Bill's Fried Chicken - menu fan

Via: Art of the Menu: Bill’s Fried Chicken.

Bill’s Fried Chicken (in Mississippi) features a functional and colorful menu — it doubles as a fan. It’s a great idea and a clever cultural reference to the American South.

The menu items themselves are listed in a clean, straightforward layout on one side of the fan, while the opposite side features hand-drawn graphics of various southern references.


Menu side

Detail of menu-fan graphics

Bill's Fried Chicken - business cards

Bill's Fried Chick - poster


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