Welcome to the inaugural post of FRIEND | FILES! 

As I began seriously considering starting a blog, I was plagued by that kernel of doubt that must certainly creep into the mind of any first-time blog auteur:  What exactly do I have to say?  After all, undoubtedly, someone has already thunk what I’m thinking and writ what I would write.  Right?  Well, perhaps. 

But as I pondered this question aloud in a phone conversation with a friend the other day, she pointed out something that should really be quite obvious.  That is, each of us has something to say by virtue of who we are.  Our experiences, our education, our family, our faith…all of it adds up and informs our unique perspective on the world in which we live.

So, in that spirit I invite you to visit FRIEND | FILES as a resource of information and inspiration.  To discover something new or to experience the familiar for the first time again.  You are welcome to share your ideas and observations…your perspective on the topics presented here.  You may have yet to find your own forum, but you do have a voice.  I invite you to express it here…


3 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Great job sis!!! Great job, you have excellent writing skills. I will use your writing methods. They sound very useful.

  2. I don’t know much, but I do know that I’m always interested to hear what you have to say. Looking forward to the Friend Files!!

  3. Wahoo! It’s about time. I’m exctied see what you can produce with more that the simple tools of Outlook and Google images….because you’ve put me in stitches with just those! Congrats Camille, can’t wait to follow.

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