Marian Bantjes: Way Good.

Marian Bantjes - Way Good

Marian Bantjes is way good.  I don’t remember how I found her website.  I don’t remember what I was looking for.  All I know is that when I saw what she does, I realized that she has an amazing artistic talent – exquisite in it’s execution.  Her work is intricate.  It’s creative.  There’s an essence of  ‘quirk’ (I mean, really…cake?). 

But, what I most appreciate is that she is willing to explore her already-pretty-darn-good-at-it craft, continuing to grow and enjoying the process:

I do not know if I am lazy or driven. A little of both. While I tend to work every day, from morning to night (I’m frequently working past midnight), my days are relatively stress free. In the summer I tend to take a lot of breaks and sit in the sun or go for a walk. I spend a lot of time thinking. Just staring into space and thinking. Does this count as work? Sometimes. When I wake up in the morning with the perfect solution to a given problem, have I been working while I was sleeping? Perhaps. – (An excerpt from Ms. Bantjes’ About Me reflections)

I love that.  To paraphrase Jack Nicholson’s character in that movie, Ms. Bantjes makes me wanna be a better designer/writer/whatever I’m calling myself on a given day.   Yes, Marian Bantjes is way good.  And in a good way.

Have a look!

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