An Ode: Word to Your Mother ’09

Happy Mothers Day

A wise fellow Twitterer suggested that what every mother really wants for Mother’s Day is a personalized poem and for us kids to clean the house “with a smile”…I’m going to pretend I didn’t see that second part and commence with the first:


Word to Your Mother ’09

It’s 2009, May 10th – Mother’s Day –

Time to honor mom in very special way.

She has patience galore, putting up with us kids;

In spite of the drama, the lip, and our fits.


One day a nurse, the next she gives counsel.

When God gave out skillz, to her they were bountiful.

How can it be she’s so kind AND so strong?

With this woman on your side, you could take on a throng.


Today (and every day!), we should all take notice:

If the States were a house, mom is the POTUS.

Without her, no order…no guidance…what a mess…

But with her, no question…I see how I’m blessed!


Happy Mother’s Day !!

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