There is a lot of stuff going on in the world these days and much of it seems to be stress-inducing.  Think about your friends and family:  You can probably recall a number of conversations that you’ve had with them in recent days and weeks in which one of you lamented this or that, or tales of woe were exchanged.  Perhaps a small sampling of inexact quotes from these discussions might include:

  • “Did you hear [enter name of designer/architect] got laid off last week?”
  • “[Name of business] closed down – I loved that place!”
  • “[Name of guy] broke his femur!”
  • “No more caramel macchiatos…had to downgrade to americanos.”**
  • “I can’t afford my [dog/kid/car/shoe habit] anymore.”
  • “I am sick of [enter name of politician]! He [or she] is ruining the country!”
**OK, this one was me.  But, it was still very traumatic!

Despite this steady stream of Things To Be Concerned About (and no matter where we seem to be going in a handbasket), I maintain that there is something contagiously joyous in seeing others tenaciously pursue their passions and talents.  It is in this spirit that I note a few bits about those who have inspired me these last few months.  Three bits, to be exact…




This firm has been mentioned here before, of course.  Their constant stream of unique new projects is remarkable in its variety of type and style, and it is evident that the people of Pentagram are passionate about design and take it seriously. I have included the firm as an inspirational bit because of their consistent ability to address design challenges with truly thoughtful solutions – solutions that invite the viewer to take in every detail of the design, relating each element to the overall concept. Thankfully, we can all benefit from Pentagram’s vast portfolio, and design students the world over can continue to look to this storied firm as a reminder of why so many of us pursue a profession in the creative arts.



He’s just a guy in Ireland…designing and loving logos, sharing his knowledge.  In fact, speaking to the last point, I actually emailed David Airey a couple of months ago to ask some advice on blogging.  He wrote back in just a couple of hours, offering some well-considered comments.  Little did I know that Mr. Airey is a bit of a legend in the graphic design world.  Yet, he made time for a question from me – and countless others – thousands of miles away.  David’s attentiveness to individual relationships demonstrates how one young designer can manage to inspire thousands of strangers:  In the simplest of terms, he pursues what he loves and takes the time to tell us why he loves it.



I know there are many people who don’t quite “get” Twitter.  Three months into it, I can’t say that I have mastered it either.  If there’s a “correct” way to use it, I’m probably failing miserably.  And don’t even get me started on TwitCam – this fun little application just debuted this week!  Nonetheless, one thing that I have managed to appreciate about Twitter is the ability to connect with so many interesting, talented, and passionate people in one place.  In 140 characters or less, they have taught me a thing or two, made me laugh, kept me informed, and, yes, inspired me in a variety of ways – sometimes by doing nothing more than being themselves.  

Below is a brief list of a few of my favorites who excel in, well, being themselves:


“What we leave behind is not engraved in stone monuments but woven into the lives of others.” – Pericles

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