LANGUAGE | As good as your word in 2010

Language has become slippery, tricky, legally grey, politically charged, deliberately unclear.

Which is exactly why the word, written and spoken, is a huge opportunity for brands. The world is crying out for clarity in language. No hiding, no wiggle room, no deliberate grey. Black and white, please.

2010 has to be the year when businesses, private and public, big and small, look to re-establish trust. Clarity will be key, and the word will be the means to deliver this clarity.

But being clear is not easy. It requires discipline, hard work and, in case we forget, a proposition that really motivates your audience.

We will be working for many utilities, financial service providers, telecoms and public sector clients this year. Our primary task will be to make their statements, websites, bills, and other information-rich interfaces more effective.

But actually, we’ll be giving them the ultimate proof point that they mean it when they say to their customers they are going to be more open. That they’re as good as their word.



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