BRAND LOYALTY | Breaking Up is Hard to Do


Customer service:  it can make or break your brand.  Even the most loyal customers can be turned off after a bad experience with your company.  Pity you if the turned off customer happens to be a public relations expert with a laptop and a blogging platform…

Read the excerpt below, then take a look at the whole entry:

I’m what you would call a brand’s best friend – loyal to the end. In fact, I have a long history of products that dumped me long before I would ever have conceived of leaving them! Once I find something I like, I stick with it to the bitter end, when it’s ripped from my needy consumer grasp and replaced with the “latest,” “newest,” “hottest” – but never BEST – surrogate of the day.

Remember the Taco Light? I do. It was a tasty little fried flour shell/taco meat/tomato/lettuce/sour cream number our friends at Taco Bell dished up back in the 80s. I ate one-a-day for three years. Gone. Quisp Cereal? Gone. Mike Berardi’s on 17th Avenue? Gone. Gillette ladies refillable shaver? Gone. I’ve been jilted by a long trail of fickle product lines – enough to fill the rest of this blog and then some.



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