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Rise above the noise

In the list below, David Brier (DBD International) outlines several guiding principles he has developed through the last 30 years of his career in brand development.

11 Points to Rise Above the Noise

  1. The same old rules will get the same old results.
  2. Those who did change the world didn’t think they couldn’t.
  3. Life is like software. Upgrades are available.
  4. Rules enable one to follow. Knowledge enables one to lead.
  5. There is little worse a company can do to reduce its influence than to have something that is different with a pitch that sounds the same as everyone else’s.
  6. If your brand is using clichés, you’re promoting your category, not your brand.
  7. Want to know what to expect of people? “Listen” to their actions, not to their words.
  8. Clichés can ruin a business faster than a roomful of politicians.
  9. Is your brand a national treasure or a historical monument to days gone by?
  10. A mind is a wonderful thing: You’re either watching reruns or you’re previewing the coming attractions. Whichever one you’re watching is what others will be viewing tomorrow–with you as the star.
  11. Social media isn’t a brand strategy. Social media is a channel, not a brand strategy.
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The key takeaways from Mr. Brier’s insights are: First, the importance of being innovative and, secondly, the importance of being unafraid to take the risk of being different from the rest of the pack.

Of course, these things are often easier said than done. But, exceptional brands are the result of a bit of fearless optimism.  As Mr. Brier succinctly points out: “Those who did change the world didn’t think they couldn’t.”


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