GREEN PACKAGING | Laundry by berryplus

Berryplus packaging

It’s rare that something truly unconventional occurs in the world of laundry detergent packaging. But, alas, here we are!

The simple, clean (pardon the pun) design is a nice change from the explosion of color and imagery that one usually finds on the market shelves. As a bonus, both the packaging and the detergent are environmentally friendly.



2 thoughts on “GREEN PACKAGING | Laundry by berryplus”

  1. thank you for understanding how important design is to product innovation. It goes without saying that the product works. People must understand that you really only need a microdose of active ingredient to clean clothes.

  2. Belated thanks for your comment, Jason. It’s a simple, but interesting point you make – that is, the packaging actually serves to change consumer behavior and awareness. If all of the brands moved in this direction, it would be an amazing innovation in an industry that touches nearly every consumer.

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