TRENDS | CITYSUMERS: The Future Consumption Arena is Urban

Trendwatching - Citysumers

Trendwatching’s February 2011 report focuses on the the all-but-certain trend toward urbanization in the next decade, across the globe. In response, those in the business of purveying goods and services or shaping brands would do well to tailor their work in ways that appeal to this large demographic.

From the report:

Here are just three drivers behind the CITYSUMERS trend:

1. The huge increase in the number of urban dwellers all around the world (URBAN BOOM).
2. The ever-increasing wealth and power of cities and those who live in them (URBAN MIGHT).
3. The spread of urban culture and values (URBANE).

Serving these CITYSUMERS obviously requires brands to tailor products and campaigns to savvy urban audiences: for anything from practical reasons (offering appropriate shapes, sizes and features of urban goods and services) to showing the brand ‘gets’ it (addressing busy and diverse lifestyles) to contributing to the quest for social and environmental sustainability.


2 thoughts on “TRENDS | CITYSUMERS: The Future Consumption Arena is Urban”

  1. Trendwatching is a very informative site – good to check it out periodically. PS: Thanks for reading! 🙂

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