WHY | Simon Sinek

I attended a presentation by Mr. Sinek this afternoon and it was quite engaging. In the TED video above, you get a taste of what he offers.

However, in his presentation today, Sinek expounded upon the “WHY” and made an important observation that authenticity is a key component of fulfilling a long-term vision and the “WHY”.  And in his definition of the word, he drove the point home.

“Authenticity” is, very simply, made up of three things:

  1. The clarity of WHY
  2. The discipline of HOW
  3. The consistency of WHAT

The “HOW” and “WHAT” communicate your “WHY”.

If you have the opportunity to see Mr. Sinek in person, I would recommend doing so.  As he explained today, Sinek focuses on the “WHY” because it is the foundational connection between emotion, inspiration and leadership.  It is what separates the most successful companies and individuals from those that simply do “what” they do “how” they do it.


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