TRENDS | Why kind, human brands will thrive…

Trend: Random Acts of Kindness


Just to be absolutely clear: R.A.K. are not about rewarding customers for tweeting / liking your product, and not about giving away lots of free samples (that would be FREE LOVE), but about selected, random acts of kindness (hence the name).

Now is the ideal moment to engage in some R.A.K:

HUMAN TOUCH | Consumers increasingly wanting to see the human side of brands (or if indeed a brand has a human side at all, making R.A.K. more welcome than ever.

PUTTING IT OUT THERE | Audiences publicly disclosing more and more personal information on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, about their lives, moods and whereabouts, both current and intended, enabling R.A.K. to be more relevant.

PASS IT ON | More consumers than ever are now sharing their experiences with their friends and wider audiences on social networks, meaning R.A.K. can spread far beyond the original recipients.

As always, Trendwatching’s March/April update on consumer trends is an interesting read.  I look forward to these every time.  Click the link above to read the entire article.



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