BRANDING | Cheer gets a new look (with a fun presentation)

New packaging for Cheer

Landor’s re-design of Cheer detergent – the packaging and logo – was launched about a month ago – old news in today’s speed-of-light media atmosphere. However, I was prompted to make this post because of the fun way that the new design was visually presented.

Most of the items in the image above, for instance, have little, if anything, to do with laundry, per se. (Though, now that I think about it, perhaps the concept here is to present the types of things that one might find in jean pockets after the wash cycle is done…?) Regardless, I love the colorful randomness of the objects included with the Cheer bottle. They are quite “cheerful”, indeed.

Looking at this one photo makes me think that, perhaps, the next time I present newly designed brand to the world, I should take a page from Landor and go beyond the usual imagery and think about other (more imaginative) ways to illustrate the context of the brand.



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