QUOTE | Book Cover Artist Mendelsund On Design

I came across the following quote on Jacket Mechanical and thought I would share:
…a good design, whatever its intended use, is an aggregation of many small decisions – each one as important as the next. The resulting design is no more or less than the sum of these decisions. Each choice, no matter how seemingly insignificant, matters.


I’ve come to realize that many people seem to subscribe to the view that there is such a thing as “a design” which exists in the abstract – platonically; independent of its component parts. This belief in turn gives rise to the misapprehension that changing a design (a bigger font here, a different color there, a change in layout) does not, in fact, make for a different design altogether. “We’re keeping the design,” I’m told, “but we want some changes.” Such a thing isn’t possible. These details are the design.

*You can see Mendelsund’s work at his blog here.



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