CREATIVITY + INNOVATION | Redesigning “Teachers”

Teach Curiosity

I recently (and finally) watched the film Waiting for Superman – a film about the educational system in the United States and the woefully inadequate way it serves too many of our children.

The film was eye-opening to say the least.

With the impact of the movie still fresh in my mind, I was pleased to come across this post in my RSS feed. Once again, the power of design has revealed itself to me.

The well-presented concept of teachers “connecting the dots” for students, inspiring their dreams, and nurturing their potential – along with a happy orange-y yellow color scheme – gave me back a bit of the hope that was drained by my movie selection.

Just as there are designers who care deeply about their craft and strive to express authentic meaning in their work, there are certainly educators who approach their profession in the same way. Perhaps, these are the same teachers who would appreciate this design effort and use the bright imagery to remind them of the amazing legacy they leave with each student who passes through their classrooms.



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