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TOUGH TYPE | Carhartt Typography by Dan Cassaro


In honor of my status as a relatively new Alaskan, I thought I’d post a typographic homage to Carhartt — the attire of choice for the well-heeled fellow ’round these parts…

Click the link above for more samples at Allan Peters’ blog.



GRAPHICS + COPY | Pentagram’s ‘Shop Saks’ Campaign


Saks Fifth Avenue never skimps on design, so Pentagram’s latest effort for the iconic brand is another bold statement in a long line of statements. This one, though, is less complicated and more witty — featuring clever copy that *always* leads the shopper to Saks.


OLD + NEW | Target 50th Anniversary Photos


Allan Peters, Senior Art Director for Target, has posted images of the window graphics created to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary.

Interestingly, Mr. Peters notes that the photographs were taken with “high-flash” photography to cast a crisp shadow of each model on their respective backdrop (which are Target ads from the 1960s). The shadowing effect, Peters writes, delivers “the perfect blend of past and present.”

It’s a subtle, but effective way to communicate the concept of joining old and new.


FILM | Cartier’s L’Odyssee Behind The Scenes

This is the Cartier ad/film L’Odyssee de Cartier that made it’s debut in the U.S. (I think), during this year’s Super Bowl. At the time, I didn’t fully appreciate it as it seemed a bit excessive and out-of-place.

However, after watching it again on YouTube, without the distraction of competing chip commercials and amusing talking babies, I have a new appreciation for what Cartier has produced.

Even more interesting, the behind-the-scenes footage describing the making of Cartier’s visionary production is truly fascinating. Filmed with real animals in real locations, L’Odyssee is much more than a “commercial.”  It is the history of one of the world’s most renowned brands presented in cinematic form.

The behind-the-scenes footage below is well worth your time to see what went into making this unique production. Among other things, producers had to consider: How will a panther react to seeing snow for the first time?

h/t David Airey



As a fan of the television show Mad Men (what designer isn’t, really?), it should not surprise me that my Netflix genie suggested I would enjoy the documentary film Art & Copy.

Indeed, the genie was right. What an interesting film this was — particularly in light of the recent death of Steve Jobs. I think those of us in creative fields have been doing more self-reflection than usual this week, wondering what our own artful legacies will be in this world. In Art & Copy, the contributors — most of whom are some of the most prolific and pioneering figures in advertising — speak to the impact their respective work has had in the world of business and brand-building.

If you have any interest in learning more about the genesis of some of the greatest ad campaigns and agencies in the United States, I would recommend you take the time to watch Art & Copy. You’ll hear about the ‘Got Milk’ campaign, Tommy Hilfiger’s debut on the fashion scene, and the classic Volkswagen ads from the 1960s, among other interesting stories.

Oh, and you’ll also learn about a young visionary’s willingness to put his money where his mouth is, so to speak, in producing the ad to launch his company’s new computuer in 1984.