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100 THOUGHTS | What is Branding?

A student at SVA gathers thoughts from 100 design-, brand- and marketing-types to answer the question “What is branding?”

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.”

– A quote from Dolly Parton, as submitted by Michael Bierut

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GRAPHICS + FUNCTION | Bill’s Fried Chicken Menu-Fan

Bill's Fried Chicken - menu fan

Via: Art of the Menu: Bill’s Fried Chicken.

Bill’s Fried Chicken (in Mississippi) features a functional and colorful menu — it doubles as a fan. It’s a great idea and a clever cultural reference to the American South.

The menu items themselves are listed in a clean, straightforward layout on one side of the fan, while the opposite side features hand-drawn graphics of various southern references.


Menu side

Detail of menu-fan graphics

Bill's Fried Chicken - business cards

Bill's Fried Chick - poster


RESTAURANT | New Menus for Holiday Inn’s “The Hub”


As Holiday Inn continues to revamp and revitalize their brand, they are clearly taking care of all of the details. With a new lobby concept that includes a restaurant, cafe and other amenities for guests, the hotel chain has elevated its menu design, as well.

With a classic color palette and simple layout, the menus for “The Hub”, as the lobby area is now called, are modern and eye-catching. Though, they aren’t flashy, the strategic use of typography makes the menus pleasant to peruse.

(Menu designs by Tom Cox)




IDENTITY + PACKAGING + PLACE | Watergate Bay Hotel

Watergate Bay Hotel




In one of those cherished projects where the designer(s) get to overhaul more than just a logo, Watergate Bay Hotel hired Pearlfisher to revamp everything from corporate stationary to exclusive product packaging. The use of a clean, contemporary hand-drawn logotype and other illustrations give the hotel a fresh and casual feel that welcomes visitors looking for some R&R.

The overall effect of the collection of pieces is cohesive, pleasant, and no more complicated than it needs to be.

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