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PACKAGING | Thymes Studio Collection Bath and Body

Thymes Studio packaging

Via Lovely Package

Designed by Cue, the packaging for the Thymes Studio Collection of bath products has an airy, fresh feel that is very appealing.

According to the designer’s statement, there are six fragrances within the line of products, conveyed with variations in the packaging graphics — all are lovely.


Thymes Studio Rosewood

Thymes Studio Aqua

Thymes Studio retail display


PACKAGING | Bunches & Bunches Snaps Packaging



Bunches & Bunches Snaps Packaging



Bunches & Bunches Snaps Packaging
Bunches & Bunches Snaps Packaging


Letterpress, offset printing, warm colors and touches of embossing give the packaging for Bunches & Bunches’ Snap cookies the gourmet aesthetic intended.

Despite the high-end look, the packaging was completed with budget in mind — simplifying the production details of the box itself, achieving a ‘premium’ feel with printing and finishing techniques. The overall effect is tailored, elegant, and very successful.


LIMITED EDITION | Coca-Cola packaging for The Olympic Games


Every two years we can all look forward to the creative Olympic-themed packaging and ads that come from the Games’ largest corporate sponsors.

Coca-Cola has taken a straightforward minimalist approach for this year’s Summer Games – featuring athletes in silhouette over silver stripes that hint at the American flag.

I don’t know that this is my favorite Olympic can from Coke…but I certainly love the fact that we get to see something new for each Games.

I’ll be on the lookout to see what other companies do, as well!


PACKAGING | Ireland’s Own: Mic’s Chilli Sauce


Produced in the country of Ireland (who knew?!), Mic’s Chilli Sauce features wonderfully intricate and interesting illustrations by artist Steve Simpson.

With motifs inspired by Mayan, Mexican, and Chinese cultures, Simpson has created beautiful works of art that are fun to explore. He has even designed custom barcodes that are in keeping with the flavor of the design (click link for images).


PACKAGING | “löffle mich!” Cakes In Jars



In the age of specialty, gourmet baked goods (have you been to your local cupcake shop lately?), it’s always a treat to see how something old (cake!…) is made new again with unique packaging (…in jars!).

These Austrian treats offer a new way to enjoy a single serving of cake, nicely contained in a colorfully labeled glass jar. There’s even a petite wooden spoon affixed to the outside for immediate enjoyment.

I wonder if this will catch on in the States…? Only time will tell!