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What Is Twitter?


For relatively new users like me, Twitter is an opportunity to keep up with the goings-on of people and organizations I am interested in.  It’s educational, entertaining, and often eye-opening…there’s a lot happening out there! 

Currently I “follow”: politicians, bloggers, news organizations, other designers, and those without a category.  And, for ease of use, I also use the following applications to simplify the process of updating:

My Twitter accessories:

  • TweetDeck – a desktop application that allows me to see both Twitter and Facebook updates in a separate window without opening the websites.  Updates every minute.
  • Twitterberry – allows me to send (and check) updates from my Blackberry while out and about.

Everyone has his or her own reason(s) for using Twitter.  For a broader view, here’s a link to some thoughts on the use Twitter. Info compiled by TwiTip.  I invite you to join up and try it for yourself!

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