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100 THOUGHTS | What is Branding?

A student at SVA gathers thoughts from 100 design-, brand- and marketing-types to answer the question “What is branding?”

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.”

– A quote from Dolly Parton, as submitted by Michael Bierut

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GRAPHICS + FUNCTION | Bill’s Fried Chicken Menu-Fan

Bill's Fried Chicken - menu fan

Via: Art of the Menu: Bill’s Fried Chicken.

Bill’s Fried Chicken (in Mississippi) features a functional and colorful menu — it doubles as a fan. It’s a great idea and a clever cultural reference to the American South.

The menu items themselves are listed in a clean, straightforward layout on one side of the fan, while the opposite side features hand-drawn graphics of various southern references.


Menu side

Detail of menu-fan graphics

Bill's Fried Chicken - business cards

Bill's Fried Chick - poster


BRANDING | Goodwill Goes More Retail



Goodwill’s San Francisco operations have used updated graphics and messaging to redefine perceptions of the organization. Rather than simply acting as a low-cost resource for hand-me-downs and cast-offs, the San Fran Goodwill emphasizes the shopping experience as a fun one, similar to any other hip retail operation.

Colorful illustrations, along with new taglines re-energize and reposition the Goodwill brand. The organization has been given new life as a non-profit gives back to the community, while also serving as a retail store for bargain shoppers.


RESTAURANT + BRAND | Guy Fieri’S New Times Square Establishment



Guy Fieri’s new restaurant in NYC’s Times Square is as brash and quirky as he is. But I like the pseudo-patriotic take on the logo and the all-American feel of the interiors.

It has a sports-bar feel, but there are plenty of interesting design details that make it a unique spot. American flags, antlered-animal heads, varied materials, custom light fixtures, signage….It all comes together to create a fun experience for patrons. This particular restaurant is certainly worthy of being in one of the most lively urban spots in the world.


Guy's American Kitchen and Bar Logo

Guy's American Kitchen and Bar Logo
Guy's American Kitchen and Bar Logo


*More images available at Brand New

BRANDING | 2012 Brand New Conference Quotes, Etc.



A brand is not what it says. It’s what it does.

We do work in not knowing. That, I think, is the best definition of creativity.

Weird works, and that’s what you talk about. No one talks about standing on a gray carpet, people talk about, ‘I was driving home last night and an owl hit the car.’ That’s weird stuff.”

Creativity produces weird shit. That’s what creates monopolies for businesses. Weird shit creates monopolies, because it’s all you can think about, all you can talk about. So weird works, it really, really works.


*Image and quotes via underconsideration.com

I wasn’t able to attend the Brand New Conference, so I appreciate this roundup of good stuff. Click the link for much much more!


DESTINATION BRAND | The Geometries of Shrewsbury, England


With a nod to the architecture of the town of Shrewsbury, the identity created to represent its people and businesses makes a bold and aesthetically pleasing statement.

The versatility of the geometry is well-balanced by the stark black and white palette – it’s a cohesive and interesting language. And, although the town (and its architectural patterns) date back to the 16th Century, the new brand is very much contemporary.

In my opinion, this is one of those projects where the designers got it just right! (And I would *love* to have a card and brochure for my own collection of cool design stuff…)

See several more images at the link!