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ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN | The L!brary Initiative Gets Its Own Book

Pentagram's L!brary book


I believe I posted something about this project sometime in the last year. Now, there’s an entire book devoted to telling the story about how the L!brary Initiative in New York City has developed.

Inside L!brary

It’s a great project dedicated to the refurbishment of libraries in the New York City public school system. Pentagram teamed with various artists to make these spaces into inspirational works of art. Click the link and read some of the articles written about the project. Let’s hope there are more like it in the future, and across the country.


DESIGN GURU | Marian Bantjes


Marian Bantjes is way good.  I don’t remember how I found her website.  I don’t remember what I was looking for.  All I know is that when I saw what she does, I realized that she has an amazing artistic talent – exquisite in it’s execution.  Her work is intricate.  It’s creative.  There’s an essence of  ‘quirk’ (I mean, really…cake?). 

But, what I most appreciate is that she is willing to explore her already-pretty-darn-good-at-it craft, continuing to grow and enjoying the process:

I do not know if I am lazy or driven. A little of both. While I tend to work every day, from morning to night (I’m frequently working past midnight), my days are relatively stress free. In the summer I tend to take a lot of breaks and sit in the sun or go for a walk. I spend a lot of time thinking. Just staring into space and thinking. Does this count as work? Sometimes. When I wake up in the morning with the perfect solution to a given problem, have I been working while I was sleeping? Perhaps. – (An excerpt from Ms. Bantjes’ About Me reflections)

I love that.  To paraphrase Jack Nicholson’s character in that movie, Ms. Bantjes makes me wanna be a better designer/writer/whatever I’m calling myself on a given day.   Yes, Marian Bantjes is way good.  And in a good way.

Have a look!