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PACKAGING | Thymes Studio Collection Bath and Body

Thymes Studio packaging

Via Lovely Package

Designed by Cue, the packaging for the Thymes Studio Collection of bath products has an airy, fresh feel that is very appealing.

According to the designer’s statement, there are six fragrances within the line of products, conveyed with variations in the packaging graphics — all are lovely.


Thymes Studio Rosewood

Thymes Studio Aqua

Thymes Studio retail display


GRAPHICS + COPY | Pentagram’s ‘Shop Saks’ Campaign


Saks Fifth Avenue never skimps on design, so Pentagram’s latest effort for the iconic brand is another bold statement in a long line of statements. This one, though, is less complicated and more witty — featuring clever copy that *always* leads the shopper to Saks.


IDENTITY + PACKAGING + PLACE | Watergate Bay Hotel

Watergate Bay Hotel




In one of those cherished projects where the designer(s) get to overhaul more than just a logo, Watergate Bay Hotel hired Pearlfisher to revamp everything from corporate stationary to exclusive product packaging. The use of a clean, contemporary hand-drawn logotype and other illustrations give the hotel a fresh and casual feel that welcomes visitors looking for some R&R.

The overall effect of the collection of pieces is cohesive, pleasant, and no more complicated than it needs to be.

*See a few more images at the link above for Creative Review.


PRINT | Wee Society’s Colorful Animal Alphabet


I’m a sucker for fun prints and artwork that have the potential to put a smile on your face. This geometric, colorful animal print from Wee Society features a hidden alphabet amongst the illustrations – entertaining to explore for adults and kids alike.

Click the link for more detailed images and to check out the other offerings from the Wee Society store. They’ve got a good thing going over there!


ARCHITECTURE + GRAPHICS | Pajol Kindergarten – France



I’m a sucker for interesting, bold, and not-too-kiddie environmental graphics in schools. This project, for an elementary school in France, fits the bill on all fronts.

The dynamic stripes of color are wonderfully integrated throughout the school – in both interior and exterior applications. Click the link above to see the original post (and additional images) by Graphic Ambient. The best part of the project may be the fact that the school is like a candy-colored oasis in the middle of a dirt-filled construction zone.

I can’t speak to whether the classroom spaces function in an optimal way, but, regardless, I find this to be an example of the the unique design touches that can add a bit of oomph to educational facilities. Good stuff!


(H/t David Airey)

DESTINATION BRAND | The Geometries of Shrewsbury, England


With a nod to the architecture of the town of Shrewsbury, the identity created to represent its people and businesses makes a bold and aesthetically pleasing statement.

The versatility of the geometry is well-balanced by the stark black and white palette – it’s a cohesive and interesting language. And, although the town (and its architectural patterns) date back to the 16th Century, the new brand is very much contemporary.

In my opinion, this is one of those projects where the designers got it just right! (And I would *love* to have a card and brochure for my own collection of cool design stuff…)

See several more images at the link!


LIMITED EDITION | Coca-Cola packaging for The Olympic Games


Every two years we can all look forward to the creative Olympic-themed packaging and ads that come from the Games’ largest corporate sponsors.

Coca-Cola has taken a straightforward minimalist approach for this year’s Summer Games – featuring athletes in silhouette over silver stripes that hint at the American flag.

I don’t know that this is my favorite Olympic can from Coke…but I certainly love the fact that we get to see something new for each Games.

I’ll be on the lookout to see what other companies do, as well!