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GRAPHICS + FUNCTION | Bill’s Fried Chicken Menu-Fan

Bill's Fried Chicken - menu fan

Via: Art of the Menu: Bill’s Fried Chicken.

Bill’s Fried Chicken (in Mississippi) features a functional and colorful menu — it doubles as a fan. It’s a great idea and a clever cultural reference to the American South.

The menu items themselves are listed in a clean, straightforward layout on one side of the fan, while the opposite side features hand-drawn graphics of various southern references.


Menu side

Detail of menu-fan graphics

Bill's Fried Chicken - business cards

Bill's Fried Chick - poster



COLOR + ILLUSTRATION | Colorful and Retro-esque Posters by Neil Stevens

Neil Stevens posters

Images via Allan Peters

Quick post: The venerable Allan Peters had Neil Stevens’ work posted at his site and I thought I would share it here too. Stevens’ colorful posters are minimalist, but each thoughtful details and a color palette that brings the concept to life.

Below are a few samples, but many more images can be found at the link!








IDENTITY + PACKAGING + PLACE | Watergate Bay Hotel

Watergate Bay Hotel




In one of those cherished projects where the designer(s) get to overhaul more than just a logo, Watergate Bay Hotel hired Pearlfisher to revamp everything from corporate stationary to exclusive product packaging. The use of a clean, contemporary hand-drawn logotype and other illustrations give the hotel a fresh and casual feel that welcomes visitors looking for some R&R.

The overall effect of the collection of pieces is cohesive, pleasant, and no more complicated than it needs to be.

*See a few more images at the link above for Creative Review.


RESTAURANT KITSCH | Sissy’s Southern Kitchen



The array of fun images and colors used for the Dallas restaurant Sissy’s Southern Kitchen must be a hit with the locals.

Sure, there’s a place for classy, mature, upscale elegance…But there are plenty of times when you just want to sit down in a place that makes you smile. It looks like Sissy’s might fit the bill in that regard.

If the menus are indicative of the restaurant’s interior, I’m pretty sure Sissy’s would be on my list of favorite hang-outs.