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PRINT + COLOR | Angélica and Rodrigo Wedding Invitation


A quick post to start off a cheerful Friday: This colorful wedding invitation “suite” features all sorts of nice touches, including a wax seal, a great mix of typography, and…lilacs.

Click the link for many more detailed images of these spring-inspired pieces.

Oh, and have a wonderful Friday!


GRAPHICS + FILM | Sherlock Holmes Title Sequence


These are beautifully textural images from the title sequence of the latest Sherlock Holmes film. I’ve yet to see the film, but the first one was certainly a visual treat, so I expect nothing less of the sequel.

Click the link to Graphic-Exchange above for many more images and an interview with the designer, Prologue.

Gorgeous work by gifted designers!


VINTAGE + PRINT | Middletown Lumber Newsletter

Letter details

In the age of electronic newsletters and impersonal “Dear, Friend” emails, I love the idea of bringing back the hand-worn, vintage feel of the classic, informative, interesting newsletter.

In addition to the beautiful paper selected for this piece, the interesting mix of typography makes this a mailer that – I would presume – most people would love to receive.


CREATIVE | Esquire Magazine Cover August 2011

Esquire cover

In case you don’t frequent the magazine section of your local bookstore, I thought I would quickly share this Esquire cover that caught my eye last weekend.

Maybe I’m an easy girl to please, but I thought it was one of the most fun, clever, and amusing “designs” I’ve seen in some time.

I’ve always found the art direction in the pages of Esquire to be well done. And, the eye-catching quality of this hand-illustrated cover is not only humorous, but it draws attention to the consideration that goes into the “real” layouts we typically see.

Thanks for not taking yourselves too seriously, Esquire!

Also: Daniel Craig…